Ok…So, I think that I’m going to actually follow through this time. I can not promise that I will finish this thing I know nothing about that I guess we call blogging. So in order to do this, I’ll have to research a little on how to create a blog. And I say little because you don’t wanna do more than that. You’ll hear over and over about how to create a successfully profitable blog following these however many steps. But actually not really much in what someone like me was looking for. I needed to know only an answer to my question. Almost like how I would look through the yellow pages years back to connect me to exactly what I was looking for. Researching it nowadays I only found opinions on creating a blog, that usually would take you to an advertisement for something related to your search. Wow! What a pain in the ass! LOL! So now I’m like ‘what to do, what to do?’

Ok…so ((again))

Well, I guess honestly here’s where the dilemma occurs…Do I continue telling this story? Why? Would it be remotely interesting…to anybody? Because again, honestly, what I’m typing right now is not pre-thought. Don’t know where it’s going, only know as far as we both are now. I had three story’s I planned for ‘my first blog’. Well it was one story that I went to retell three separate times. And so every time the story would change some from the time before… And there I go rambling again. I try to catch myself but sometimes when I’m on the subject of ‘me’ I tend to be able to go on and on. Anyway I think (or hope) I got a point across or put a question at least ‘out there’ to see if you are interested in hearing more of ‘my story’ or if it would be a waste of time. *My wife would appreciate any available ears tho in advance! It was her suggestion to create a blog which of course I took as ‘please find another outlet to tell your story’s to’. Gotta go for now but all take care until we speak again. Thanks for listening!


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