2 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello Dylan
      I appreciate your inquiry and your perspective on my life. I am sure that my life even felt pretty wonderful the day that it was written. Things are not always exactly as they appear to be, we all know this-I hope! A good reason, well okay my biggest and maybe the only reason I write is for the clarity to escape my own troubles with any overwhelming emotion that may be present in my life . To allow me time to rationalize and not respond only based on a feeling. Found this as key in my life for relieving anxiety, stress, depression, and believe it or not even my blood pressure and heart rate. As for my aspirations? I will always hold many that I aspire to create into my reality. And I am closer now than I was yesterday(and a hell of a lot closer than when bio was written) with having my first book actually COMPLETE and published before the end of this year.
      I wish you the best the world could offer, the courage to conquer any fear, and love to fill your heart!


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