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Lost Until Found

I am the salt within the wound The moon that mocks the fool A dog who's lost its cool Fiery embers soothe Ravenous serpents too I am the aloe to your sin Little tidal locked again A dog who's lost its fight No teeth to gnaw or bite Let it go into the night I … Continue reading Lost Until Found

Today I Am

Today I am Grateful where I was ungrateful Today I Love where I once unloved Today I exist where I once dreamed Today I Hope where I once only wished Today I Forgive, not to be forgiven Yesterday I wanted to live Today I live Today I Love, not to be loved Today is the … Continue reading Today I Am


I have started again expressing All the times I've missed Your blessings I know I was undeserving Yet still From my knees You heard me crying...calling Unconditionally You so love me Even share Your Blessings on me My sacrifice to You, now everlasting Everyday unlimited offers of my Thanksgivings © 2019 Rocco Joseph Zuardo

IF JUST FOR TODAY (edited edition)

So I wrote this poem the other day and shared it with you all as soon as it was written. It was one of those that came through the "medium" or the æther as a song. Meaning that the words already had a certain pitch and rhythm that accompanied them. So after sitting with it … Continue reading IF JUST FOR TODAY (edited edition)

As I Versus the Universe Again (An Ode of Love to My Mom and Dad)

As I Verse the Universe Again I am sorry Mom I could never be The little boy You imagined I would be Yes Something's always beckoning me Saying the day would come When I'd have to leave This Garden of Eden To find the Promised Land in me As I verse the Universe again... I … Continue reading As I Versus the Universe Again (An Ode of Love to My Mom and Dad)

If Just For Today

  IF JUST FOR TODAY I see you looking my way but our eyes never meet I'm trying to find meaning through your telephone screen Ahh-haa What happened to our empathy? Ahh-hmm Are all sympathies lost on me? Oh, God Why am I treated this way? Dear God You hear, what I have to say! … Continue reading If Just For Today


DreamsI've got dreams So many dreams To still remember I've got dreams So many dreams To still remember The other day Went walking through the park And this loneliness This loneliness just tears at my heart Why can't I be like everyone else Nobody fills Nobody feels this hole in my chest I don't want … Continue reading Dreams

I AM ENOUGH (re-edited)

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I have a dark secret inside that I've held for most of my life And as I would grow older day by day became more of a fight There's gotta be more to life than just this Always battling with, that little voice in my head Questioning my thoughts and everything that I did … Continue reading I AM ENOUGH (re-edited)

Let it be still

Let it be still Let it be still and observe | Let it be still and just hear.  With every breath I take in | The more connected I feel. Be still and observe | Be still and just hear. Letting go of old thoughts | See that new ones appear   When your dreams … Continue reading Let it be still