Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

I’ve watched the mane of a dandelion dance in the wind

Felt like an ugly duckling who’s too scared to swim

Seen the fronds of a palm singe & fray in the sun

I’ve stared down the barrel on the wrong end of a gun

I can honestly say I’ve done too many drugs

So excuse me for living and still having some fun

I may not be perfect but none of us are

But I am still human and still need to be loved

It’s not always easy to swallow my pride

Sometimes I laugh hard so I won’t have to cry

Other times I feel tears fall for reasons unknown

I’ve pondered ancient riddles within the depths of my soul

I’ve danced with the devil and I’ve searched for the Lord

I’ve seen streaming rivers sparkle like silver & gold

But I can honestly say the most amazing thus far

Are the family & friends that I hold in my heart

©️ 2020 Rocco J Zuardo