Which one am I

Poetry of the Soul

Curious mind

Am I cursed or blessed?

With these questions I obsess

Assessing my tendencies

I never fail to see

Both the worst and the best in me

Oh, curious mind

Am I cursed or blessed?

Critical Mind

Why do you laugh?

You criticize and mock my steps

Tallying my flaws and imperfections

You tell me I’m undeserving of love

I can’t take this from you anymore

Oh, critical mind

Why do you laugh?

Inquiring mind

Why do you lie?

You tell me I’m beautiful

But I feel ugly inside

My self-perception’s not healthy or well

I’m trying hard to break your spell

Inquiring mind

Why do you lie?

Condemning mind

Let me be!

Are you my friend or my enemy?

The battle is raging

Who’s going to win?

The hero or, the martyr within

Tell me again, which one am I?

My sick and twisted, condemning mind

©️ Rocco Zuardo