Give me more

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

Oh my God I need to score

Whatever the fuck, please give me more

Spinning and spinning oh so fast

My foot’s red hot and I’m on Your gas

Where it leads me-I really don’t care

As long as I know-You’ll greet me there

Yeah that’s right!

That’s what I’m about

If you too get it

Then let’s here a shout

Yeah that’s what I mean

Eat it up

Soak it in

And watch it bleed

Testify this witness

Come hear me scream!

Yeah! You’ll hear no more shame when I speak

Got no one else here but myself to blame

Now…let me tell ya bout my girl

She’s so fine and quitely absurd

The finest you’ll find in the whole damn world

Searched the oceans wide and

I searched the oceans low

There ain’t no truer girl

That’s one thing for sure

She cares for me

And I rock her world

Oh my God, my God

Why is she so cool?

And what the fuck does she see within this fool?

I don’t know and I just don’t get it

But she calls em out fellas

exactly like she sees em


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