Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

I know you’re feeling broken

I think you’re beautifully afraid

Outside in the darkness

As you try to make your way

Don’t give up, keep on going

Try to get some rest

And when sleeping gives you trouble

You may lay your head upon my chest

I promise I’ll never leave you

We’re not finished here quite yet

And when you feel abandoned

I’ll be there with you every step

So come hell or high water

You will never walk alone

Something else I need to tell you

Just in case you did not know

I think you’re the greatest

And I’ve loved to watch you grow

I will wait for you with patience

You are worth it, this I know!

So when you lose all hope my dear

And can’t bear to fake the faith

That’s okay with me my love

To me, you’re A-okay

None of this matters to me

I truly believe it don’t

I’ve seen a murderer turn martyr

And I’ve seen martyrs turn to ghosts

One more thing I promise you here

You can hide with me when you get scared

And one day soon you will find it’s been you

Who’s a star in this grand fairytale


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