I Love You

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

I love you in all the spaces between
I love you like a brisk winter breeze
I love laughing with you in the rain as a pair
I love the beauty in all of our pain through the years
I love how we have been, still are, and will forever
I love you with hope when we stand strong together
I love watching roses appear on your checks
I love how heaven is just out of reach
I love how you make my life feel complete
I love you in the most mysterious of ways
and even more when it’s not plain as day
I love you so much I just pray that you hear me
I love the smell of sweet pea when you’re near me
I love how you light up my passionate fury
I love you more than yesterday and like there is no tomorrow
I love how you listen to the songs of my heart
I love you for the times when you had to be hard
I love you for the soft spots we hold in our hearts
I love how you love us, as wretched as we are
I love how you hug me for no reasons at all
I love how you light up my way when I’m lost
I love you for not leaving me alone in the dark
I love you way more than I could love anyone else
I love you for loving me in spite of myself
I love you and thank you more than words could express
I love that you loved me when I thought love was dead
I love you for teaching me love and how to laugh at myself
I love waking up with you each day new and refreshed
But most of all I just love you with each and every one of my breaths

©️ 2019 Rocco Zuardo https://RockinTheFreeWord.com


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