Faith (a poem) Read this whenever you’re feeling down

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Read This Whenever
You’re Feeling Down


Read this when you’re feeling down

I know you get so down on yourself

When you’re out of the blue and into the black

You think this time you’re too far to get back

No inspiration or even a want for trying

Words you can’t speak will come out when you cry them

You try to remember the days when you didn’t feel like dying

In your darkest of hours
In the voids of all light

Know where you are now
I have too been through in life

You are not alone
I am here with you as well
Love is not a destination
Love is right here with you right now

You are Good Enough
Sometimes this, I know, you doubt
We have all someway gone through this
It is for you that I’m writing this down

Look up at the sky
The sun, the moon and the stars
Now look inside your heart
In all of this, know you are a part

You are never alone
My love travels with you
Now where ever it is you go

Do not be afraid
Put me on I am your armor

I still have faith in you
I really truly do
When you can’t find it in yourself
Please remember that I always do

Quiet the other voices
Read these words some more instead
Don’t over-think about it
Listen for meaning in what’s said

Whenever your busy thoughts
Start to be out of control
Find the soothing comfort
In the Presence of the Lord

Let go of the pain
Turn it into praise
You are not the potter
Remember that you are the clay

Turn your thoughts towards God
Turn your thoughts inwards towards yourself

Look inside and ask
Why am I doing this all to myself

But Believe

Even when you don’t believe in yourself


When you feel less than everyone else


Because checking-out early today is not in The Plan

Would you like to save your life?
Will you please reach out for His hand

You will see

In your biggest of dreams

Call out for help when you need help

Cry out to God when you have no one else

Let go of bitterness

Let go of regret

Let go of worrying bout things that haven’t happened yet

Let go of wishing you could change the past

Look at the present and the gift that it is

Most importantly learn to forgive
Forgive others
Learn to forgive yourself

You don’t have to forget
But please learn to forgive
Pray for the sinner
Despise the sin

You can’t control all the what could’ve beens

Take a deep breath
Try holding it in
Close your eyes now
Slowly let it all go with the wind

Step outside of your yourself
Let quiet fill your mind
Take all the time you need here
Day by day rest restores your light

One day you will waken
Curious and full of life
It’s your job to make it
Taking it one day at a time

Make today the day
You’ve always waited for
Today is going to be that day
You believe in yourself once more

2019 Rocco Joseph Zuardo 



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