God Is Love

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

Encouragement is nourishment

Give some out today

It feeds the heart, will lift a soul

And make the world a better place

Give it a try

Release your minds

Love is the answer

Now is the time

Can we all agree

To just live in peace

And don’t be afraid to feel empathy

It may make you laugh

It may make you cry

Pick up your neighbor

Pick up your friend

Join together in this brotherhood of man

Encourage each other

And say a prayer

Let it all go and just say amen

Don’t ever be scared

To follow your heart

Everyday’s a new day

So don’t ever give up

And always remember

You’re loved from above

Don’t ever be scared

Cuz God equals love

Don’t ever be scared

Cuz God equals love

©️ 2019 Rocco Zuardo