Broken Heart

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

Always afraid and no one else sees

The terror, the panic that’s crippling me

Starting to feel better. Can anyone tell?

Singing and dancing through the darkness of hell

Suddenly a flame warms up my heart

Before I can share it I am thrown back down

Trembling, shaking and a sense of doom

Get up fast or sink into this tomb

Open my mouth to cry out for help

An invisible hand grips at my throat

Stopping my words as I swallow and choke

Will I always feel desolate and alone

Again and again as I try to let go

Pushing me deeper inside of my cell

Feet growing frozen, on hands and knees I pray

In the distant someone is calling me vain

Feels like I’m being eaten by pain

Now only rivers fall from my eyes

Remnants left of what was once pride

Can I be saved from this long and dark night

Red I was dead but I still feel so blue

Waiting for the Sun rise through a purplish hue

I lost my way back deep in this maze

Will Love reign? Will Love prove true?

Can’t wait till tomorrow

All I have is today

Said I was sorry

I was wrong this I knew

Please show me the way

Before I’m consumed

Rise from the ashes of my own hollow wound

©️ 2019 Rocco J Zuardo


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