As I Versus the Universe Again (An Ode of Love to My Mom and Dad)

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As I Verse the Universe Again

I am sorry Mom
I could never be
The little boy
You imagined I would be
Something’s always beckoning me
Saying the day would come
When I’d have to leave
This Garden of Eden
To find the Promised Land in me
As I verse the Universe again…

I am sorry Dad
For never making you proud
Once as your boy
And again who you see now
Yes, I know
The dreams you had, I let die
Because enough was something
I could never find inside
I had to shatter that delusion
And now I am ready to fight
As I verse the Universe again…

Thank You Mom
For sowing the seeds
Your Faith, Hope and Love
Grow unconditionally in me

Thank You Dad
For always showing me
What it means to be a man
And not giving up on me

As I verse the Universe again…
I want you both to know now
Incase I haven’t made clear before
You are the best damn parents
Any 44 year-old could ever ask for

With all light-heartiness aside
Stepping away from foolish pride
My feelings no longer hurt
I want you both to know your worth
Far more value to me
Then all of the riches in the world

And as I verse the Universe…
For just a second now

I see you again
Through the eyes of a child
Through the eyes of your son
And nobody else
But I love you
Much more
Through the heart of this father
I am now

So as I verse the Universe
I’m thankful for every last thing
I take with me sweet memories and dreams
From long away yesterdays
That are still alive in me


© 2019



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