My Minds Eye

Creatively Writing Life’s Happy Passion

The world and how I see it

To believe there is no reason

That for in the changing seasons

My rhymes be charged with treason


Impossible dreams left to die

Still alive in my mind’s eye

Think you choose to rule or be ruled

All those things are being done for you


Keep the Faith even when faltered

In that dark, you shall find your altar

For strength you hold the key within

But you’ll never find it if you’ve never sinned


O’Joy in triumph and joy in defeat

The heavenly light still shines on me

Beautiful and gracious forever I AM

All that is dark and all that is light

All that’s been wrong will one day be right

The rich will be the beggars

The beggars now are wise

If you haven’t noticed this


You’re using the wrong eye

Rocco Zuardo©️2018



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