Obsessive Compulsive Material Possessions


Brainstorming through all my life lessons

Brought me up and out of this manic depressive

State of mindfulness, unraveling my obsessions

Compulsively chasing after mere material possessions

Somehow was my mind that fell victim, to its own thoughts oppressions.

So now as I sit and reflect on days long, gone by

My short lived life of these long, lived lies

Let go of fear, let go of death, that kept me a prisoner alone in my head

Negative thoughts don’t die, they’re seeds that spread

Once they’re planted they will surely manifest

An idea becomes a weapon looked through an evil eye

Environmental blindness suffered to see the light

All these negative emotions rooted deep down inside

Anger and rage, anxiety and stress

Hasn’t killed my heart just yet

But when I got close, I saw who I Am-who I Am not

My how, what and when’s

How did I get here, When’d it begin, What is the purpose?

I’ve practiced well in my sins

And since there is no ending, guess I’ll begin again

Brainstorming through all my life lessons…


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