So here’s the deal. Do YOU want to change the world?

Creatively Writing Life’s Happy Passion

So here’s the dealio. My name is Rocco Zuardo and I am a man with a message. A forty-three year old man, to be more precise, who is on a mission. I felt the need to put this out there, had to let it go.

It’s a little bit of knowledge that holds a ((huge)) amount of technologicalvalue that was passed down to me. The value it holds and why it was shared with me, I’ll never know. But still felt that I had to share it with y’all cuz YOU ARE THE WORLD! If it holds value to you and think it a seed worth planting to grow, PLEASE pay it forward and pass the knowledge upon whoever you see needs it!😍 Now keep in mind what I am saying here is to be taken 100% literal, as literally as I can physically express this into words. I understand that a lot of you won’t understand the value in this, and that is absolutely fine and understandable. You don’t have to plant these seeds if they sowsomething you distaste.

You see for myself, I overcame a bout of depression this past year. And that journey into the darkest depths of your soul, as they say, isn’t a good one. But what I gained from that experience holds far more value to me than all my experiences combined. Yes all forty plus years of them. I’ll share my story through a link to follow but for now I wanted to share what I gained from it. With that said, here we go…

You! Yes YOU! Listen! You do not need to suffer no more! Let me repeat that…YOU do NOT need to SUFFER! We don’t suffer because of other people and events in our life. NOTHING besides in our own MINDS can we create the suffering we feel. Any genuine suffering, isn’t from what we create with our thoughts but from what we FEEL in the environment from which we ALL live. We can fix that by when we choose to not suffer ourselves in order to serve the needs of those who suffer around us. Now imagine this. If EVERYONE did this right here, right now-would suffering cease to exist? Would you like to find out?! I AM! Hopefully I’ll find the rest of you out there too…

For the science behind this please refer to following link


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