What’s the point 

Creatively Writing Life’s Happy Passion

What is the point of this so called life of mine. Is it to live in it? To partake in the game as they say or to join the race? What happens when this so called life is dragging you down? Am I suppose to run faster to catch up? I have yet to find the answer to this. In fact I’d say I’ve gotten to the point of not caring to search for an answer anymore. Every time I thought I started figuring out these riddles of mine everything just changes and what made sense to me yesterday is now my mystery today. What kind of fucked up person am I? Is it only being human that fucks me up so bad. This stupid fucking person I am that I believed was starting to be happy. Starting to figure out where and what I look for to find value to life. I still haven’t found a god damn thing. I thought I found  God while I was deep inside my soul searching. I found God to abandon me as it was me that was trying to get others to feel that love. So I ask anyone who cares to read this. What’s the fucking point?!


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