Why the Faint of Heart


These tears that I cry are not lullabies

Rather songs from my soul that were buried in time

Still they move through me than break on me like a wave

Dividing the nights to separate these days

Until I meet you in my dreams once again

Where destiny lends its fateful hand

Restore us the energy  joined united we stand 

I ask and I question and yet I’ll ask you again

No one answers, sees, hears, or cares

Can you not see our stream of tears?

Been waiting for change for too many years

Please, I can no longer hold inside this cry 

Our children are born to live, not for dying

The hurt they sense, why don’t all you

I do not understand but I’m taking this stance

To do what is right is a choice I have made

I won’t live my life through societies gaze

But I’m still breathing and for that so thankful for am I 

To suffer with the broken and for this I am chastised

If you question the motive I hold deep inside, please feel free and approach thou who reflects inside 

But I think you know the answer when you look into these eyes, reflected like a mirror, in a child’s eyes

(c) 2018 Rocco Joseph


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