You are my Son…Shine!

Creatively Writing Life’s Happy Passion

You are my Sunshine…

Your smile can brighten up my most dullest of days

You hold the greatest strength that I have ever seen

When I look into your eyes, that’s where I see

A fire burning bright like it’s always being

It’s the same strength I’ve seen, once before

In the eyes of my father, and in my father’s before

I see it in my own eyes, reflected now through yours

We are the strong, the wise

We do more than survive 

We lead, we conquer and we never divide

Compassion runs deep in you, as it’s always flowed in me 

To see the love that’s inside yourself through the minds eye you will see

To know love within, to die or let live

The unconditional bonds, a father’s love for his kids~

©️ 2018 Rocco Zuardo


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