Be still and know I am

Creatively Writing Life’s Happy Passion

©️Poem by Rocco Joseph 2018

Whom while in the darkness, found me in my lowest times. I’d just sit and be still, yet silence I’d not find. As you’d lie there sleeping, I dreamt with eyes wide shut. Making friends with shadows, I’d write these lonely psalms.

I’ve told you all my reasons, when you never wondered why. What good is my insight, when you’d rather hear their lies. My prayers are these confessions, letting go I speak through rhymes. Standing right besides you, but in silence still I cry. 

All these times I beg you, “what do you want from me?” Silence was your answer, even words not shared with me. I thought you knew I was slowly dying, at the rate of near light speed. Your presence is what I wanted,  sit and be still with me.

My strength is my compassion, though some still call it weak. How badly a little honesty, thought taste like lies to me. Clearly I was suffering when I fell so far from Grace. Was needing reassurance that I hadn’t gone insane. As all that I held sacred within my values changed.  After a voice was spoken to me, said tell them  God’s  my name. 

What I gained there in the darkness, some say “seeing the light”. I wish that I could tell you, but words could not describe. I am grateful to be enlightened, as to who I am inside. And if I haven’t told you,  thank God for this charmed life.


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