Ðrift Away

Poetry of the Soul

   Amidst the pain kept stagnant to drift,  sitting in low states of consciousness.

The current carries which it conforms,  my thoughts like sea monsters dug deep from the shores.

Still I resist the urge, resist at the tug. What is it I am still fearful of?

The waves I hear roll in and crash,  my heart seeks freedom found a many summers past.

Had to let go of who I thought I should be, to emerge from the ashes only my inner most Being.

Surrender! Surrender! Thou white flags been shred. Blue moon’s super bled. Still have air in my breath. Surrender! Surrender! I know who I am. I know who I am not. I won’t carry along with me in yesterday’s thoughts. Surrender! Surrender! All which makes you weak. We will find the strength. To live through defeat. 

Surrender! Surrender! 

Again I ask for what I already know, Who I am now I once did not know.

Your thoughts and beliefs,  not of service to me.

My consciousness adrift now feels free, flows both within and outside of me.

Not there yet but inspire to be, the person inside that is the real me.

I am a martyr and I am a savior.

Through these words I prophesize, the unpredictable future.  

I am God as you all are too.

Search deep inside, don’t deny you  your truth.

I’ve slayed the dragon and exercised my demons.

Supplied the rhymes here for you to leave your reasons.

Surrender! Surrender!

Time to Let Go

Surrender! Surrender!

I Am, I Know

Surrender! Surrender!

Let Go,  Just-Let Go…

© Rocco Joseph 2018 http://Rockin’theFreeWord.com


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