A Love Poem



I close my eyes when I look at you,

to see you in ways that only I do. 

See you dancing under the star lit skies,

how badly I want your next dance to be mine.

Our souls can linger together forever,

with the fire inside burning brighter than ever.

I’ll never forget that first moment we kissed,

our lips were like magnets that never once split

My heart could stop beating and no air fill my lungs,

I pay that no attention with you on my arm.

I love you today. I love you right now.

Not a second goes by that your not thought of with love.

So don’t ever forget this no matter how much,

I may try to put between us more bridges to cross

I love you when my eyes are closed and I can see you dancing inside me alone.

But I love you the most when my eyes gaze upon you

and I know that I’m looking deep into your soul.


For the love of my life, my beautiful wife Mary


© 2018 Rocco Joseph http://rockinthefreeword.com




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