Blank Pages


These blank and empty pages mock and dare me all the time

Even when I tell em, I have nothing else to write…

I wish I could scream away all this life’s worth of pain

But why than do I hesitate when there’s so much to gain…

Do I think I like one damn thing about these manifestations

Denial of the ‘me’ I am, compared to the who I thought I’d be…

But today, still does nothing for me Maybe tomorrow will be more promising…

If I would’ve been a master thief I could’ve stole a much better dream

I’d allow myself to just burn out as so I wouldn’t have to fade away…

And if anyone that is asking, there’s not much else to say

Perhaps, just maybe, these pages would’ve been better, if I’d just saved em all… blank.

#empathy #recovery #reborn #compassion #inspiration #depression #faith #hope #love


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