God I AM so gracious for this life.


I am who I am

Hello friends. So it’s been awhile since my last post. Im still writing my poems everyday but didn’t have the, guess you’d say desire, to post and share. Than after reading this article on Huffpost I was feeling a little inspired…make that a lot inspired and a little bit brave! But enough of both of those anyways to decide to share a little bit about my life purpose with you all. This is just me talking my thoughts, no rough draft no edits(yet), just 100% of my honest opinion on why I feel I am here. I am here to help each and everyone of you! I serve no other purpose in life but to leave it in better shape than I came into it.

So I’ve found my self (I know, Hallelujah! LOL) found myself wondering what purpose life serves, and more importantly, what purpose do I serve in this thing we call life. You see, I realized that it took me 42 years to understand that I don’t understand much. I’ve always been a deep thinker, sensitive to my environment to the point that I’d feel the vibes and emotions that we all radiate off each other like energy. Since I’d feel those emotions so strongly I found that the energy we create can have both positive and negative energy. But it is all energy. And that energy effects us more than I wanted to believe. Physically, mentally, even spiritually. I’d allow that energy to shape my own emotions, my own knowledge and my entire world. I’d try fighting against that energy. I’d try going with the flow of same energy as well. It wasn’t until I was fortunate enough to have some time to just stop participating in this race we call life. And even though at times I’d get overwhelmed in that new isolated environment that brought me to the darkest depths of depression, it somehow started shining a new light of clarity over my world. That clarity grew to create an imagination in myself again that I lost somehow, somewhere along the way. You could say I emerged out of the darkness, reborn in the light. Like the Phoenix that destroyed or killed what it had become in order to be reborn through the ashes. To evolve to its higher senses.

So I think I’m going to leave it at that for now. It is very hard to put my experiences and thoughts down in words…when I’m not just writing them down in my journal anyways. A lot harder to explain through words what is something I felt. To have you feel what I went through is not so simple.

Bottom line is that myself and I think most of us want our families, friends n neighbors to better understand who we are. What kind of a person we truly are inside and not the person we spend most our life trying and pretended to be, so the other person will like us. Guess hoping you’ll take the time out of your day to try and understand or even relate with where your fellow Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband, Dad, Friend, n Neighbor is in their world. Our Tragedies, Our Triumphs!🎭 We are all playing a part…a child, a parent n a child again.

HOPE FAITH LOVE…but Always Keep Love! It is truly all you need!

Take care. Spread the love, bury the hate.


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