Tears Of A Father | Poetry


My life has not prepared me for all I would have in store. When I became a father and it was no longer me I was living for. Twenty years have flown by so fast. Where does the time go, why can’t they ever last. I’ve always been right there beside you Son. Even watched you take in your first breath. Surely you can remember the love and the warmth when we first shared our hearts. You have always been the biggest blessing I have experienced in life, thus far.

I have always been watching you grow my Son, from superheros to super pains in my butt. I will always want what is best for you even if it’s not what I want. I try to invest only my best into you and I’m sorry for times I do not. I wish you could see you the way that I see you so you could see you’re much more than you thought. I know who you are beneath, I’ve always known who you are. I will not allow you to bury that kid, that kid with the ginormous heart. I want to hear you be playful again. I want to hear you sing all your favorite songs. I want you to see that there’s so much life left in you and you are too young to give up. As long as you live, I think you should know, when you fall you have to pick yourself back up. Your old man will always be there with you if you are down or if you are up.

Don’t let the voice that you’ll hear in your head make you believe that that’s who you are. I know at times that life makes no sense and how that can make it so hard. Remember that your own Dad says, “it’s okay to slow down, just don’t stop!” At times when you feel  you are different, may not feel the same as all the rest. That is what makes you perfect and it connects you to everyone else. See Son, we’re all a little different but you’ll see far less than we’re all the same. Don’t let your mind ever trick you, remember all the best ones were a little insane. Just decide what it is that you stand for and try not to be easily strayed. And never forget above all the rest, that God is who made you which than makes you perfect here where you stand



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