Polararity In Time |Self-Help Poetry

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

I don’t really have the time today | To love myself more than I hate

The person I am | Or who’ve I  become

I just want to feel | Unconditionally loved

Why do we play with each others’ emotions? | The salt from our tears can fill-up the ocean

Why was I given the voice in my head | That talks with an accent I don’t always understand

I’ve been trying real hard, the best that I can | To push myself forward while looking ahead

God, I just wish I could like me for all that I am | Instead of not liking me for all I am not

My mind is always thinking | So much more than I ever want

Please remember you can find me |  In my multiple streams of thought

Do you think you would still love me | If I showed you who I am?

    You know that I can never be as good as | The one you hold inside your head

I wish that it was me, babe | Oh, I absolutely do

But I am looking for the kinda love | That wants me to love beyond only you

So I show you my broken pieces | Maybe together we can make some sense

All I’ve needed from you is your time | But time tells me you had none to give

I don’t know how I made it through | I really just don’t know

I wish that I could say it was you | But that now just wouldn’t be true

Who was there in my darkest of hours? | Who is it who came to rescue me?

As I am all alone and dying | It was only me who was able to save me







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