Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

It always comes through in rhymes

Strips the lies out of my mind

All I do is cry, cry, cry

Honestly, I don’t want to die

Sometimes I can’t believe in myself

But I still believe in You no less

I can’t let go of what I don’t know

All I can do is write You some more

Time after Time I’ve neglected my life

Lost all faith while trying to survive

I was wrong and You were right

God, I’m so sorry for the boy in this man

Father please forgive me for my sins

I know I deserve to be condemned

Jesus! Oh God-please Love me again

I feel so broken and stuck where I am

Know I’m on a downward spin

Help me get back out again

I was wrong! You win! You win!


© 2019 rockinthefreeword.com


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