Seasonal Blank Pages

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

Like the trail that calls the wanderer
Blank pages stir the same in me
Abstracting ancient languages
Writes this pen dipped in teary ink

On my back
Enter the night
A shooting star
Splits open the sky

Abandoning leafs
Bares a naked tree
Autumn escapes
Into Winter’s cold reach

Page by page
All in a row
Pure as snow
Under moonlit glow

An iridescent hue
Encompasses beautiful ruins
As flower petals weep
Tears turn frozen morning dew

Blank and empty pages
Like flowing fields of snow
Crossing the hibernating trees
While its branches continue to snore

Short days get longer
Clouds revel the sun
Icey rivers flowing
Dancing in Spring’s fun

The flowers lift their crowns
Gazing upwards now
Inviting bees to pollinate
Without making a sound

The wailing of a loon
Warmth is coming soon
June drops one last snowflake
Daring Summer to make its move


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