Hide and Seek

Poetry of the Soul, Uncategorized

A beast that lurks inside

Deep inside the mind

Have you recognized yours?

Would you like to meet mine?

Deny this all you want

Be a fool without a tool

Watch out you don’t slip down

While you try to play it cool

Anywhere you go

There’s a place where you can turn

Look deep enough inside

Believe there’s more than meets the eye?

Your demons scream at you to hide

Find firm ground somewhere my friend

Pick yourself up from deep within

It’s your time to make a stand

The kingdom of heaven is at hand

Incase you haven’t heard

Or perhapse you missed out on the word

The devil is a clown

Don’t let him drag you to the ground

Take a step and have some faith

Every life here is worth saving

Rise up with amazing grace

We pray and then we wait

Can you hear what I am saying?

We pray and then we wait


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