Reconciled as a Believer through my Faith in Christ Jesus

Poetry of the Soul

Reconciled as a Believer through Faith in Christ Jesus

*A testament to Christ

The Lord is my Shepherd

My Savior and my Strength

In me He created a Stronghold of inner tranquillity

Thank You oh Heavenly Father for watching over and protecting me

For showering me with Your Highest of all Loves

I begged You to search my most hidden parts

To know the inner most intentions of my heart

To cleanse me of any wickedness that may have dwelled in me

I longed to feel connected and pure with You once again

I cried out to You oh God when I was at my lowest

Honestly oh Father, I didn’t think You’d hear my cries of hopelessness and never in a million years did I think You’d answer my cries to fix me

But You did, my Lord; my God

You heard me cry as I was sinking deep into a pit of despair

You lifted me out and sat me back on solid ground

You saved me dear Lord and what did I do?

I ran!

I ran when I felt the overwhelming magnitude in the absolute power of Your Presence

I ran in fear, guilt, disbelief and my own feelings of unworthiness

But behold

You are so Glorious, so Righteous and True to Your word My Lord

You didn’t give up on me

No You didn’t

Instead You showed Yourself to me in ways You knew I could see

Spoke to me in a language I could hear and understand

You hedge me out from behind

You chased after me with such relentless Grace

You showed me compassion and had mercy on me

You restored my soul my dear sweet Jesus

You breathed a breadth of life back into me and lifted my spirits

I am forever and eternally grateful to You and You alone oh mighty Lord

I did not deserve a Father as great and wonderful as You; yet You still love me anyways

I worship and adore You

Praise You and promise to seek constant companionship with You through each and everyday of life

You are my God, oh Lord and I hold you with the highest of all esteem

Thank You with every ounce of my being and with all the gratitude I can hold in my heart for allowing me to have such a marvelously, miraculous, loving, yet personal relationship with You

You turned me into a believer

Restored my faith in You and gave me hope for a future

So I say:

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, a world without end



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