I spoke to God today and He said everything will be okay

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I wanted to let you know I talked to God today. He told me to tell you everything will be okay. He said He understands your worries and why you feel this way.

He said it’s okay to have those feelings and you can give them to Him whenever you choose. He said He is God after all, so let go and let God carry you.

He understands you more than you think and said He’s inside each of you. He feels your pain, He feels your triumphs and feels your suffering when you lose. God told me we all feel these things and knows because He was once human too .

He said you may not always understand and when you lose faith, that’s okay too. It’s all part of His plan so He may better understand each one of you. Also said to never give up because He has so much invested in you.

He made us all in His image then gave us a part of Him too. He knows what we think before we even think it and He’s known us before we were born. He put a spark in your heart in hopes that one day a divine flame will grow big and warm.

He wants you to feel Him with you but understands somedays you may feel alone. He will remain omnipresent and be with you wherever you go.

Somedays may feel like Heaven and others may feel like Hell. But all we have is right here and right now to make this the best place we can. He will always love you when you’re happy, sad, blue, or mad. And said to know He has plans for you, all the way up to the end.

©️ 2019 Rocco Joseph Zuardo


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