More than just words. A poem of only love and much meaning.

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*Sometimes It’s More Than Just Words*


If I could give you everything in the world I have I could give.

Would it be enough for you? Would you laugh at the size of it?

Pretend that it fills you and say it makes you feel so full

but inside secretly desiring for something a whole lot more.

Let’s try to be honest and let’s try to be real

It is only my love that I offer for you to steal.

An affair of the heart that’s a tangled blue emotion.

A depth that’s far deeper than the deepest of oceans!

So I’ll ask again if you’d accept my gift?

To have as your own and to give it a home,

a shelter where this dog can always bury his bone.

And just so you’ll know…

These are much more than just some words to me.

I try using them to give away lots of little sneak peeks.

 By word of mouth, my soul’s singing out.

Longing to be heard over the sound of ancient ringing freedom bells. 

I am the sun that has yet to rise and the darkness that will follow here after the light.

I am the one who divided the days and the one who moonlight’s the nights.

I am a seeker for the meaning that creates all space and time.

Without me there is nothing to matter,

without you there is no rhyme.

Since well before the beginning

and forever long after the end.

Love is always all,

that love has 

ever been.

So keep this in mind as I ask of you again, my love for you to hold and to keep as a gift.

But do so to remember and please do not forget, it is my life only my Dear, that I put into your hands.

Love is true and love is free and with no strings attached, love’s unconditionally.

Will you always be the woman who will stand up to defend her man?

I will always be besides you walking together hand-in-hand.

And if you ever feel like dying, I will resurrect you from yourself.

There is no higher purpose that I have yet to seize.

 Than a love shared between two lovers who are planting the world with beautiful seeds.


© 2018 Rocco Joseph


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