This is what God told me when I spoke with Him today.

I wanted to let you know I talked to God today. He told me to tell you it will be okay. He said He understands why we feel this way.

He said it’s okay to have those feelings and you can let them go when you choose. It’s okay.

He understands all this because He said He’s inside of you. He feels your pain. He feels your suffering too. God told me we all feel these kinda things and it is what makes life so Bittersweet.

He said we may not understand and when that happens, that’s okay too. It’s all part of His plan to understand me and you. Said He’d like to know who you are because He’s has so much of Him invested in you.

He made all of us because He was one lonely soul. He made us in His image than gave us a part of His own soul. He knows what we think because He knows how we feel. He is the spark in your heart to put that flame there.

God longs to be understood just like we all want to. It’s okay if you feel Him and it is okay if you don’t too. But He will remain omnipresent rather we like that or not.

There is a Heaven and there is a Hell but it’s up to you and how you feel here. And He loves you happy, sad, blue, or red. He made you which makes Him part of you.

©️ 2018 Rocco Joseph

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