A Hallow’s Eve Tale | Self-Help Poetry | Some Halloween Fun

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Sometime after midnight, while in a fight or flight.
Billy’s finds himself asking “help me make it through the night!?” 

“Why do I always do this to myself?” Billy asks of his friend loneliness.

He knows nobody’s there to answer, but still thinks there is someone else there.

How long can I sit in this silence,  just waiting for God to appear?

He has spent so much time here hiding, always reacting so much on his fear!

I can not see out of this darkness. Peace and quiet I’m praying to hear… 


 He could only hear his heart beating while struggling with each new gasp of air.

“H-e-l-l-o?” He speaks to the darkness, but again just more silence from there.

 What should I do now? Billy thought, as his eyes began filling with tears. 

He knew that it was coming, little did he know it was already there.

While he held-in his own breath now,  he believed something was stealing his air…


This can’t be really happening! He thought. No way could this be real!

“I’m probably off somewhere sleeping!” says Billy “and this is a bad nightmare!”

That would be all fine and dandy, if this wasn’t a Hallow’s Eve tale.

So if you find yourself still reading,
these scary verses hides a message to share. 


He can feel a warm flush in the back of his neck and knows in his mind it’s the beast’s breath

“Open your eyes!” he screams at himself, “I can’t be like everyone else!”

  I am not strong, so weak I am.
Courage a thought which no longer exist

All this self-doubting is making him sick
He can’t bare to live with-in his world of regrets

 Than out of the blue, came from somewhere out there
A voice spoke to him and it was not in his head 

It was a voice he’s long forgotten that was with him all this time.

It said, “Who do you think you’re fooling? Did you think that you could hide?”
“I know who you are. Now open your damn eyes!”


The warm flush he felt just minutes before, froze him now down deep to his core.

He’s heard this before somewhere in his head, only this time in a language he could understand.

“I’ll do it!” Billy roars,
his voice now full of grit.

His eyes flew open and it was just as he feared,
he found he was staring straight into a mirror.

The reflection staring back at him wasn’t that of his own,
what he saw in it was what he’s feared most.

It took all he’s got to break eye contact,
with his inner demon holding him in a trance.


He fell to his knees and looked up to the heavens,
than God started talking to Billy again.

“I am always with you as I have never left” 
“I believe in you, you’ve just never believed in yourself!!”

Hearing that was all Billy needed , he sees his reflection in the beast in the mirror.

 “You can’t beat me” he shouts to his reflection, “You don’t know who I am”
“I’m the one in control here-Now get the fuck out of my head!”

The beast’s reflection then starts to fade,
and Billy sees he has his beast on a chain.

For the first time in his life he has the will to sustain,
and inside of himself,  God’s power remains.


© 2018 Rocco Joseph https://rockinthefreeword.com






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