Never Without A Thought To Feel

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I right my thoughts so I may write my wrongs
One day I will wake-up to not feeling alone
Life it appears to all be a joke
I am what I am and I am nothing more

Who am I today? Do you know?
I’m trying to create a kinder world
I fell so hard now I can’t get back up
No way can I explain the pain of getting stuck
Sometimes I feel I am living in
I just want to be me
and not somebody else

Saints and Sinners
I’ve played both roles
Somewhere out here in this Angelic realm
So many times to the bottom of the barrel
All by myself because no one else will
I’m standing here screaming that,
I’m all by myself
If left to me
I’d probably kill myself
How can I say that?
I know that’s what you think
Do you not see the things that I’ve seen?
Am I the only one fighting an inner beast?

Some days I feel better
Most days I feel worse
I’m still staying away from the back of that hearse
Open your eyes
Please give me your hand
Take me away to
neverever land
A place I can go
I can speak my mind
Where is this place
I’ve still yet to find
What dreams may come
I can not grasp
They always keeps sinking right through my hands

My mind is fragile
Just a little bit so
I want to be more than this sensitive soul
The journey of life
All the way to our death
But I’ll still be kicking and screaming
To not take me there yet
I want to live a life
To really know I’m alive
To believe there is more than we can see with our eyes
apple they say doesn’t fall far from the tree
The family roots of all that will be
Oh my God! Please God!
You save me?
What is this sweet Redemption I’ve heard so many people preach?

Why do I do what it is that I do?
Because it
feels right
And well…I am not you
My thoughts and ideas I try to share freely
I’m yet to convert them into a living
honestly why does this matter to me?
I don’t know…but go right ahead
I’m sure you’ll tell me!

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