“I’ve Learned Through Bad Days How To Really Live When Days Are Good”|Old Journal Entrees Of A Manic-Depressive


Friday Night 8:30 P.M.

I Am Still

I am still here. I am still in pain. I am still trying to find better days. I am still trying to live by moral ways. I am still not myself today. I am still afraid. I am still here. I am still here. I……am……still…………


Sunday Evening 6:30 P.M.

 I Am Still 

I am still better than yesterday! I am still choosing to be here today. I am still able to  breathe in the air. I am still not afraid to care. I am still not okay. I am still learning to be okay with that. I am still trying to fix myself. I am still learning how to care for me right now over anything else. I am still not capable of doing so yet. I am still not completely hatin’ myself. I am still no better than anyone else. I am still more than capable of handling myself. I am still holding hope in my heart. I am still waiting for my eternal flame to grow. I am still waiting and I am still waiting alone.




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