Are You A Misfit Like Me | New Poem from RockinTheFreeWord

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A Misfit Like Me

In my heart I always dreamed
I’d fly somewhere to be free
Breaking the chains of fear & doubt
I’d paint the sky red and dance with the stars

 I’ve always believed that you’d be there too
I don’t want my dreams if those dream’s don’t have you
Two earth-bound misfits with gigantic hearts
So much love for everyone but none felt for themself

I think, they think I’m a little bit crazy
Independent thinker and dreamer, well maybe
I think my own thoughts not the ones that they gave me
Fought off that brainwash so my heart can still lead me 

Sometimes I feel so used-up and broken
Beat and abused but some days still hoping
My obedience and pain mount up to something
Can’t live believing this was only for nothing

Feelings are all that I have every felt
Have you noticed nobody here cares about nobody else’s?
Why’d I notice this from such early on?
Why have I always felt so unworthy of love?

In my head, sometimes I’ll think, is where this really was
and other times I’m sure it’s the world that is wrong
Trying to pass me down jobs that they didn’t even want
learned a half a dozen of em before I learned to crawl

Guess I am a misfit
Guess this I’ve always known
Trying so hard in this world just to 
Be still and now I know
Be still as is my soul

Hello it’s me……..Is there anyone else here?
Is there anyone else that’s like me round here?

I say I know I’m not the only one
Let it be you say right back
Being who you are is the miracle
where sometimes more means less

Sometimes I believe we’re all Heaven-sent
Shining light whenever there is darkness there
Feel the presence of God lingering around here
Of this, I don’t know why,  I am so strongly aware.

The time to shine-on
is right now and right here
Stand-up for what you believe in
and let go of your fear

Are you independent, an outlaw, or rebel?
Imagine what can be done if we all worked together
Honesty, Integrity, Love & Truth
United together
tho Independent our roots


© 2019


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